Sunday, December 28, 2008

about surrenderness (contemplation cont'd)

i just concluded that there are steps to be followed in order to surrender.
after several end of year talks and inspirational calls...
i concluded that i missed a step or two that makes my try to surrender becomes here and there weakened... because i just realized the the continuum of being surender itself, and apparently, i think, the continuum goes like this:

1. Accept
2. Forgive (it's not that you are angry or upset. it's not only about forgiving others as well. it's about forgiving ourselves, forgiving things that happened, forgiving the circumstances and all the situations to occur, forgiving actions and reactions we did, etc...)
3. Surrender

and lately, i surrender by smiling,
smile until my eyes smile,
smile until my ears smile,
smile until my lungs smile,
smile until my lever smiles,
smile until my heart smiles,
smile until my stomach smiles,
smile until my spine smiles,
smile until my kidney smile,
smile until my thighs smile,
smile until my knees smile,
smile until my feet smile,
smile untill my blood smiles,
smile until my soul smiles


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Kiki said...
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Kiki said...

To Rassi: thanks to you ras.. You guys were the one who always inspire me nonstop i can't even resist, and surround me with the warmest presence which help me to find the silverline...
our friendship is indeed a blessing :)