Monday, October 20, 2008

questions to questions: a conquest ?

a friend told me once, "we will be always questioning. after we find the answers, we find new questions."

i think i justnow accept that notion.

the last semester break was featured by series of denials, freefalls, renounce, and surrenderness..

but gratefully i finally assure myself that i still have things to work on..
and i accept that he is right.

yesterday, i asked a friend who studied phsycology and now is pursuing further study on phsycology. She said, "each of us has our own development task on every ladder of phsycological development. Each ladder preserves us with new tasks."

i replied, still with questions. "Does it mean that after each of the ladder accomplished and we enter the new ladder we become again like 'a child' of that particular ladder ?"

She answered. "Yes."

Yup. After series of denials, freefalls, renounce, and surrenderness..

i think i am accepting my stage now. accept all the new confusions, all the new questions.
accept that i become once again 'a child'.
accept that the only way is to embrace the new conquest.

hope others will understand. hope i can happily and excitedly share my conquest to the first person introduced me with such humble notion, and find his gracious smile he always has each time i finally agree with him.

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