Saturday, February 23, 2008

Souvenir from Manila: Balut

If you ever heard one of the Fear Factor challenge is to eat duck egg with embrios in it. OK, don't be surprised but this food is a delicacy of the Phillipines. Its names is Balut.

Rhita and I were very excited to taste it on our last trip to Manila. We had been questioning the committee of the conference we attended about how we could find Balut.

Surprisingly, one of our fellow committe, Ralph, brought us the international delegates some Baluts on our last seminar.So there we were challenging our guts to taste the Balut.

Eating Balut has a kind of art.
First: crack the top part of the egg
Second: sip the soup of the egg (first surprise !!!! hahhaha)

Third: peel of the egg, and take out the white-hard part. Now you are able to see the embrio. (second surprise !!! start questioning why it is considered to be a delicacy.hahhhaha)

Four: put some salt, and eat it at once (the last surprise: IT'S GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!)

so, i think, fear is not my factor after all. hahahha

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Barbara Pielke said...

Du siehst einfach toll aus auf den Fotos in deinem drawingbook bei souvenirs of Bali-Batu . Das rosa farbene Kopftuch stehtdir sehr gut und du siehst mit dem dunklen Blazer so klassisch aus.super----sehr erwachsen , sehr reif.