Sunday, December 21, 2008


we, the one who define ourselves as grown-ups, are sometimes to pragmatic to always demand for explanation and closure..
most of times, it is only for the sake of justification or even repetition. But even a glimps of justification is what matters to us, the grown-ups.
it seems like our tools of faith and the so-called belief are no longer authentic enough to be able to force assurance and secureness we need.
but sometimes, we come to a point that we just refuse to have any closure or explanation. maybe we just don't want to hear what we are going to hear from them. we are just not brave enough to face it. or in some extend, we, as again the grown-ups, just don't see any relevant reason to be provided by such closure and explanation.
does the reason to have these closures and axplanations matter to measure our so-called maturity ?
i really don't know.
but often, people use them as tools to measure that so-called maturity.
but after all, we would say "what the heck" of what people think.
and in the end, maybe it's not the matureness that matters, it's the faith and belief we hold on to that matters...
what if we no longer, or temporarily, have that faith or belief ????

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