Tuesday, November 18, 2008

[Japan 2008] Tokyo: the Harmony of Mind and Heart

My first impression about Tokyo is that the diverse charm the city enlights.

Traditional and modern building blend together everywhere, law and local tradition is upheld consistently by everyone, and even in the highest pride of human logic, the Japanesse are able to respect their inner limitation, the border between human and the Creator.

Tokyo is vast.

and indeed cool, though calm.

The calmity, i think, is created from the politeness and the sympathic way the Japanese have toward guests. We feel being welcomed and respected anywhere in this city, and i believe, in this country.

The coolness is inside. The coolness is though hot and burning.

And Tokyo as the capitol city, as a metropolitan, as a society shares this paradox.

The city bursts, the city calms. On and on, that it spins, and becomes constant.

The city then can offer two extreme for stranger: lost or meditated

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