Sunday, May 18, 2008

how to understand these ?

i have never been able to understand the concept of breaking up.
i do not understand the concept of discarding a person or people from your circle of relationships.
i do understand the concept of transforming a kind of relationship to another.
but still i can't understand the concept of disconnecting connections and linkages we have to others...
man !!! why do other people can do it so easily ?
and why do other people even have the will to do such things ??


wiydiy said...

maybe, ki,
maybe cuz people do not know what they really want.

for me, they did not mean to discard, or get someone out of their life on purpose.

they just do not know what they want, and how to do that.

*mencari-cari pembenaran. haha*

Kiki said...

you got me right wid.. hehhe..
i did not know what i wanted (maybe still.. tapi insya Allah i know about it more hehhe)
tadinya gue pengen bisa discard orang out of my life.. but then i realize it's not me AT ALL!!!
but it's enlightning finding the true "you" all over again.. hehhe
thanks wid :)

Kiki said...
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ninzinha said...

iya ki,, ga akan bisa
makin di-discard, makin kita dibikin kerepotan sm usaha kt buat discard org itu, lalu, bebannya malah makin berat,makin terpenjara..

menurut gue kita akn berhasil bebas ketika kita ngebiarin semua terjadi secara natural dan sederhana.. ahahaha