Sunday, January 6, 2008

more colorful pictures to come . . . . .

it's been quite silent here on the drawing book
i think i'm more or less swollen by the -new year euphoria-
with all expectations, evaluations, realization
but also hopes, passion and of course the spirit of being alive !!!
so... also still in the euphoria, i've bought a new range of colour stylo..
can't wait to brighten this DrawingBook up :) :) ;)
see you soon !!!


heidy said...

kiki... happy new year!!

turut berduka yah untuk kelinci mu.. eniwei, gw baru bikin blog juga nih. mampir2 yaaa... hehehe

Ella said...

Kiki...!!! Ya ampun.. nge-blog juga ya? Thanx dah nge-link ke blog gw. Gw masukin link ke blog lo juga, ya. BTW, I love your art stuff! Yang ini tipe batik modern gitu, lucu! ;)