Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)

The picture beside is surely not one of the economic model refered as the Social Accounting Matrix. But seems like I didn't pay a good attention during the class but was still unconciously aware of what the lecturer was talking about that i just drew a picture which is accidentally having similarities to a SAM here and there. Hehe, i even realized it just after i had finished the picture.

So, social accounting matrix (SAM) is an extended model of Input-Output (IO) Model. But unlike the IO model, SAM takes focus not only to equlibrium in economics framework but also social framework. SAM model can picturize the income distribution among factor of production, income distribution of households and even households' consumption patterns. Using the SAM model we can analyse impacts of an external shock such as change in taxation and subsidy regulation, shift in demand for export commodities, etc.

There is no formal form of SAM, because each SAM model of a country should be able to give overview of each peticular economy. In Indonesia, Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) publish the SAM data in each 5 years which is called Sistem Neraca Sosial Ekonomi.

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