Sunday, December 16, 2007

Remembering "Kiki cs"

It's been a full of enrichment day, of course specifically for my understanding toward my exam tomorrow : "The magnificent Advanced Microeconomics".. hoooaaaa

Adiz and Iman came by in the morning to my house, and we survived for almost 10 hours with notations, crazy derivatives, and of course highly abstract interpretation...

The two said that they rarely learn in a group.

I was quite surprised because i've been enjoying the spirit of collective learning since high schools.

The last group in high school has transformed to be a more-than-just-learbing-group friendship: we celebrate things, we visit new places, we share even secrets, we visions our future, we just laugh, we sleep, we drive, we buy Tan Ek Tjoan, we love each other...

the Kiki cs we name the group we refer as "we"..

we surely build mutual social relationship with other groups such as "Bimbingan Belajar Laras (BBL)", etc, hehehhehe..

we don't meet quite often nowadays, but we know that the connection will last forever....

To Tanaya, Arief, Popon : woy !!! kapan nih ke "puteran" hahahahhaha

btw, sorry pon.. you weren't on the pics, that means we should make the more update ones, other meaning: WE HAVE TO MEET !!!!! Love

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