Thursday, December 20, 2007

Proudly introduce you to the cuttie SNOW Jr !!!

We were driving down Jalan Barito when i shouted out to my sister Rani and Chadia, "Hey,, Snow's friends are here. Look !!". Jalan Barito is one of the place where you can find pet sellers in Jakarta. And still in memoriam of our beloved rabbit "Snow", it moved us a little bit seeing all those small rabbits outside the pet sellers' kiosk. We thought about whether to buy one or not, but due to the feeling of loss we still had, we decided to buy it latter.

But a few minutes later, my handphone beeped. A text message from my bestfriend Rhita was it. She was in Bogor with his boyfriend (also a very good friend of mine) Ferry celebrating their first-year anniversarry which actually had been postponed because of the final exam. She wrote: "Kiki, if we both want to buy you a rabbit, would you like it ?. Reply ASAP, thank u." WOW!!!! This is one of the prove that the universe consists of and work within connections between souls.

I ask my sisters and of course, it was an aclamation that we would love to have one.

Rhita and Ferry came in the evening. It was still raining, and i saw Rhita hold a little nest made of an egg carrier with a little super tiny cuttie a-cotton-puff-look-like creature. It's him!! He was still nervous. Maybe because of the long journey up from Bogor. The two took him a ride with Express Train and also bus, but i believe that they carried him very gently. Even Ferry who is a total phobia of creature with fur (sorry fer! No offense, :p), took him carefully. I think he started to like this tiny creature. Hehehe

I gave an honour for the lovely couple to name the rabbit. Rhita had like always had a name for him, it's LOLO. Ferry came up with a bunch of other choices starting from BUYUNG, HERMAN, LOLO, KOKO, KOLO, KAKA, STEEL, HERO, RAMBO, STALLONE, ARNOLD, TOMO, BOLAY.

But then my mom keeps calling him with SNOW. So then we decided to name him SNOW Jr. Hehhehehhe

Snow Jr is still a baby-rabbit. He is even smaller than the late Snow when she was first brought to our house by my mom and dad. Snow Jr is an albino rabbit. He has white fur,very thick that i thnik he is an Angora, and he has red eyes.

He sleep mostly all the day, or eat. But he can already enjoy our touch J

Oh he is a total cuttie !!!

Thank you Rhita and Ferry !!! You both made my day !!! J J J


tascha! said...

ih Lucuuu kelincinya..

btw,nice to know ya..

fionaverisqa said...

awww,, it's cute :)
*ga tahan liat makhluk berbulu, kecil and so adorable..

chunxue said...

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