Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mbak Prapti Is Getting Married !!!

Okay ! I know it's quite surprising, don't worry, everyone in my house is surprised as well. Of course we are very happy for her and wish her only the best for her future.

For everyone who has become a regular visitor of my house (i know there are plenty of you!!! Hahahha), you must already know our formidable household assistants, they are mbak Prapti and mbak Odah. Mbak Prapti is the one with whiter skin and taller than mbak Odah.

So mbak Prapti asked for a short break during this long weekend that she could visit her family back in Ngawi. This morning she came back with this surprising news.

Here is a short interview led by my parents and mbak Prapti:

Mama: Ok, soo.. who is the guy Prap ?

Mbak Prapti: an old friend of mine Bu,,

Kiki: wooow, and old friend, ex-boyfriend, or always your boyfriend ???

Mbak Prapti: [chuckles]

Mama: What does he do for a living?

Mbak Prapti: He works in the farm, and sometimes read the Quran during ceremonials.

Kiki: [with her too-stupid-spontanity although in the intention to make sure that mbak Prapti will still have a prosper future ;p] Does he own land too ?

Mbak Prapti: Yes, he has.

Papa: [trying to make resolve the potential misunderstanding] Kiki just meant and hoped that he has another factor of production.,

Mama: Was he faithful back in Ngawi while you are here ?

Mbak Prapti: [chuckles]

Papa: [INNOCENTLY !!! and SPONTANEOUSLY !!!] is there any guy who can stand to be faithful ???? Of course he wasn't.

Kiki: OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!! [this is too much of surprise only in one morning !!!] Even my father thinks that it is normal for man to cheat !!!!!!! OH NOOO!!!!

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