Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the Preambule

I am thinking of starting this drawing book with a beautiful preambule, but am too nervous with my own expectations that i just enforce myself to just write… just draw… just like the spirit of this blog should be.

This almost-all-green picture was taken more than three years ago. I was bicycling along a small village road just five km from where i used to live in Ibbenbueren, Germany. It was (if i’m not mistaken) during the last 2 weeks before i closed my exchange year with AFS. It was summer and i remember that my intention was only to burn calories from extensive breakfast i had had in the morning (hahahha !!) but it turned out to be an « absorbing » moment.

My motoric and sensoric system told me to ride.. ride.. and ride..
Inhale.. exhale..
Record the scenery, record, and record…
Save the smell. Smell of grass.. of cows.. of soil.. of sun..
Absorb and absorb..

This photo is now decorating the frontpage of my real drawing book which i take along with me everyday everywhere.
Isn’t it a nice constellation to decorate the frontpost of my virtual drawing book with the same picture as well ??? ;)

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